08 September 2015

The broken cup of illusion

Everywhere's a strange world behind the shiny ball.
Praising the mindless outer like i dunno falling knees.
And hiding from the inner like give me a dollar or give me a call.
Listen ye'all the choosy cat doll and the racist troll.
Mr Ball Gates or your tongue pants.
Glory deal hooker or porcupine rants.
Look the cup of illusion is broken and the soul is spilled.
Tonight will never come again believe the word be healed.

31 August 2015

Peace is a sentence

Peace i miss you, she said.
Peace is not a word, it's a sentence,
followed by an unspoken sentence, 
between the moments,
when you miss and don't miss 
your peace, he said.

28 August 2015

Sunrise in sin city

Light inside me 
I'm inside light 
Eyes of the soul 
Soul of the eyes 
Sin city in sunrise 
Sunrise in sin city 
And a million miracles rain 
on serendipity

25 August 2015

You are the light

Mind says go to left.
Heart says go to right. 
Body says go to both left and right.
Soul says don't bite don't fight,
just stay put and know 
you are the light. 

24 August 2015

The voice

Life called him stalked him from far off
in whispers that echoed in his hearts and
all his life he chased 'em like a desperate obedient soul
who can't live without no distant faceless dream

After forty years of running after a formless dream
he bumps into the hanging road-sign that says
"The road to faceless dream ends here"

Confuzzled he stands between the road and the dream all night.
At sunrise he begins to walk through the big question mark
that was dangling before his eyes all these years
and boldly head to the kingdom of light.

"Meet me there" whispers life in his ears there.

15 August 2015

Shake the soul

Glares its evil wink 
The tenth floor of temptation 
But here goes the holy monster 
Looks timeless temptation in the eye 
And he is like how come 
You bite me blood and I not dares

Tenth floor of temptation 
Protrudes its long red fangs on him 
But the holy one dares the glares 
And it becomes millions dares 
And they begin to shake the soul of man 
From now on forever


A page with a door
A page with a window
A page without walls
Three went to three directions
Looking for a roadmap
To eternal home
Here begins the story

09 August 2015

Abundant holy

Energy is holy
Take out a minute
Get up from the black bed
Surrender all
Take a shower of light
Then offer your body
To Him
Be holy
Be abundant

Let's go drink some light

Away from the walls of darkness
Far from the dead souls
High above the black shackles
Just under the showering grace
There is a door
The everlasting door
To the fountain of light

Let's go drink some light