08 August 2011

Tonight will never come again

Mr Ex Push behind a bush
Shakes Mr Banmohan Ping
And have cow juice
In a position compromising.

Maiswariya Bai is leaving bollywood
For a nitem number
She will join vollywood
And nippie dance with a plumber.

Dead Dosama Mean Fadin
Still force impregnates goats and sing
Iaam very very keen
I wanna be dustbin king.

Breadney Steers the choosycat doll
Siddle past cab driver dates
Pull down her tongue pants
And hook Mr Ball Gates.

Listen ye'all racist troll and terrorist booker
Porcupine politician and glory hole dealer

Look the cup is broken and the sin is spilled
How long will you bear it in the grave.

Look there is another sky full of angels

Tonight will never come again
Hold on to the captain of light, surrender
Surrender and leave the messy room forever.

The perpetual giver

Time is river.
Eternity is the water of the river.

Dont be a taker
Time told me
Eternity is yours
If you're a giver
She told me
Confused i go to the river

Dont do leave her never
Eternity is going to take you
Across the river

In the dark when
Moons do the shower.

Time whispers
Eternity is the water of the river
You are the perpetual giver
Eternity is the water of the river

Just This Once

Neither I want you
To change for me
Nor will I change for you
I dont like change
I like things dont change.

Lets meet there
Where a million years
Pass through a second
This moment will never change
Like this once
Just this once.

The way to light

Dont fear darkness
Surrender instead.

Surrender to darkness
Because its darkness
That leads the way to light.

Silence is no liar

If on your way back home
In the middle of another crossroad
You get all confuzzled
And dont know which way to go
Look me in the silence

Silence has a soul there

Will tell you silence is no liar
But silence is the mirror
See your face in the dark door
Look fear in the eyes and
Say you are such a liar

Words are but disconnected
Reality is double sided but
Will tell you Silence is no liar

04 August 2011

The pirate of flesh

What're you looking to in that dark alley
Full of indifferent alcoves lined up behind hoardings
Wrapped up top to bottom in longstanding folly
With importunities tagged in hundred flings
Flesh is but the voracious pirate.

Will me discover pleasures with smells in holy
Before the eternal clock turns dead
O life i was never so speechless as to accept defeat
Please help sense the tricks of flesh beyond midnight
So i can rise rise forever above morbid midnight sighs and
Drink full-of-life dews from on my longing lips.

Are you home?

The island post midnight
Shivers again precariously.
Radical silence once more
Resonates the boney conversation
Of a freedom-seeker, unknowingly.

Vampire footprints growl in echoes
Insatiate thirst and bucks cry out.
Uncertain night prowling the island
All about flesh and bone and blood
Lust-shaken limbs under-skin shout.

"Are you home?"
Knocks all asleep doors speechless.
And the life of ramshackle house
Still heaves and swell
Of a breath eternally unshackled.

Incarnation crossroad

Residents of honeyland boulevard
Illusions hover on a dream-roller
Dark dissolute organs scream for more
On the way to final destination

Residents of scapegoat town behind them
Like a moron with redundant ego
Stomp along with spit-liar album
And my dear fireflies dying of fascination

Curious residents of moth-eater village
Follow the multitude of involuntary grunts
Desperately groping for the lost goad
O the air cry out for a last stimulation

Multi color multi size men and women
Need more of angelic semen
“How do you love me bite me sane
When the light fell down in the evening den”

Honeyland said it knew the meaning beforehand
Scapegoats look it in the eye
Moth-eaters don’t decipher the meaning at all
But the crossroads are door-knocks for keeps

At midnight residue spines ball-dance

Long-kiss the fire-blood as in one last once
Before the residents collapse like a house of cards
And set out to seek incarnation incarnation

The lighthouse seer

Cradle of temptation like a monster tongue
Twirls tender autumn off the lighthouse
From where it once looked afternoon deer
In the reflection of a mind
Hibernated by both sulky and seeker.

Phantom of opera toy-tricks behind the red curtain
As million optimistic penetrations flash-dance
Around a global titanic prism
And billion pieces of human bone and flesh
Quiver and shudder in spasmodic trance.

Sullen evening at Everlasting Lust Door
Sips organic delirium from under morphed images
And the deprived souls set out to lurk after
When the fallen angels in graveyard garden
Swayed frantically with a wolf and guitar.

Unbridled convulsion of revenant ghost heart
Shape sifting in the hollow background mirror
The dark fangs of temptation sinks until bottom
This last once the cradle breaks apart in a tear
Autumn and i sail back into the lighthouse seer.

Million apples in Eden

The troll who sold fake ‘Roadmap to heaven’
The tart who turned her master’s toy even,
The reluctant libertine who posed as a godman
And a despi damsel another fallen angel,
The fat master’s deprived soul unbridles
And pounces peach-n-cream’s tempting wiggles.
The twisted tummy spoon-eater impotent tycoon
And the booty-lover buck-dancer will swoon.
All tactile helpless seekers of forbidden nut
Flock to The black tavern of dripping blood.

Gatekeeper’s ghost voice down the generation
Ye’all my suckers for illusionary levitation
Go swim the ecstasy of head penetration.
As the master’s deep welcome promised paradise
And made all there to crawl and crave
The Burning Fruit of The Garden of Eden
That rose from inside Lucifer’s grave.
And in this primordial house of lust, hundred doors
Like Chinese boxes set in non-liner force,
Open up to swallow all servants of senses
And the lust-worshipers look beyond fences.

All hungry eyes in the middle of sea-storm.
No doubt me loves that inside-out form,
As much iaam-fallenangel-spankme
Longed those long nights for a free dom.
You the million dollar mask-master,
So stop trembling and tell me why after
You pour ambrosia on thousand D-like toys
And they turn fireflies bouncing up and down
To devour the blood of red swinging town,
And thousand vampire souls in glory holes
Kiss the protruding bone through black gown,
And when you made the toys shed tears
The fireballs turned back into million apples in Eden
For those few losers of fears!

Pilgrims entering the journey are so prone
To the tantalizing drinks of blood and bone.
Thirsty pole-dancing tunes of hemoglobin
Shape-shifting into countless inglorious flames
Which can even kill all mortal cyclone.
The red moon emerging from this whirlwind
As in a witness to this extraterrestrial greed,
And the sobbing walls resonate a million plead,
Lets love this black tavern till we bleed.
Lets love till we bleed.

Lucifer on knees

Million pilgrims hell bound
Stuck up and so spellbound
For Adam at lust crossroad found
Doing the One Way propound.

This once the final choice profound.
Choose the last road and be bound.
No left right or turning around.
But a journey of mirror doors abound.

Promiscuous paranoid will get whips
The kinky creams brain out and weeps.
The consciousness will turn tears into tranquility
And Lucifer will go on his knees to serendipity.

Million will witness man’s journey to nowhere
Without a roadmap without a guide
And the fallen fairies will forever
On Gabriel take pride.

Shallow shines will dwindle into shaky shadows
And all the lonely hearts will bloom in the meadows.
All those proud owners of octopus teeth
Will group parade to surrender
And all ruined by ravenous organs
Will be wrenched in showers of thunder.

The paranoid or consciousness
The tears or Lucifer’s face
Serendipity or a journey to trace
The roadmap or whosoever you are
Be it fallen fairies or proud parader
Look the Adam tree in bloom and wonder
This once the final choice profound.
Choose the last road and be bound.
No left right or turning around.
But a journey of mirror doors abound.

The seventh one

After giving it a long time thinking over
What exactly it wanted
And finding himself in front of No-door
This time hoping some rays of light
In his dark mind Mr Self props up
The survival fight like this once
“Crowning of The king of senses”

And nose proclaimed “I’m the beginning”
Eyes snapped, “Without me there’s no light”
Its ears’ turn to take stand
“Without me even the days are nights”
The tongue does the twist
“Indeed from me are born the night and day”
Skin sounds commanding,
“Hold on. I’m the boss.
Me protects you all. Without me you will be
Subject to sporadic toss.”

In the middle of the petty Fight for the crown
Emerges sixth sense and the spotlight’s on him.
Nose eyes ears tongue and skin now together frown
When the sixth one’s aiming for the cream.

Mr Self with a dark mind looking to light.
Oh no but arrogant senses wont quit fight.
Hey the surreal desires still waiting to bite
As the seventh one’s ripping off the mind’s night
At centre stage coupled by encompassing might

After giving it a long time thinking over
What exactly it wanted
And finding himself in front of No-door
This time hoping some rays of light
In his dark mind Mr Self props up
The seventh fight like this lust once.
The king and his crown will now go drown
And all doors open up to receive the unknown
The week and wrecks will perish now so the
Seventh one can enter the long waiting bone.

The question of reality

The most essential internal question
Dangling over the front door
Of this surrealistic house of mine.

The dream sequence is like I’m the house
And I get out of the outer frame
To enter this Chinese box as a visitor
And open the innermost door and how.

Million notes strewn over this place
With a roadmap-collage of bone-house
The next door open and a walk through
The writings on nostalgic wall in a trance.

Its like a door inside a door.
Every time I enter through this
Another emerges out of it.
And my cataleptic murmurs ponder
Over a point in time in existence
Where the inner is also outer
And the outer is also inner.

Anticipating the realty on mirror
Before the destination door in front.
My centrifugal dream drive is knocked out.
Oh gawd this is like celestial
I open the door to bedroom bathroom
And I was like all over
And I was like standing before
The most essential internal question
Dangling over the front door
Of this surrealistic house of mine.

03 August 2011

A lost sailor

Tenth floor of temptation.
Levitates as in a revelation and
A somnambulist seeker of the other side.
Looks to elusive alcove to hide.
Haunted by the volatile vampire.
A million doors to fake fire.

He is but a lost sailor in riverbanks
He is but a slave to red fangs
He but moonwalks the enigmatic stairs.
Looks timeless temptation in the eyes
And he is like how come
You bite me blood and I not dares.

And something nothing keeps him on
Show up or protrude my bone.
But the masky monster mirror
No sign of destination ever shown.
As he made love to no-face
Whose name he never known.

A million doors to fake fire.
Haunted by the volatile vampire.
Looks to elusive alcove to hide.
A somnambulist seeker of other side.
Levitates as in a revelation and
Tenth floor of temptation.

The fourth horizon

From far off of this crowded cauldron
Sits a window.
Under the middle moon
Like an obscure seeker.
Looks a cryptic metaphor like
All squares dissolve and murmur.

From far off of this crowded cauldron
Sits a window.
And in this esoteric window sits
A double sided mirror new.
Looking out the fourth horizon.
The bird called Déjà vu.

From far off of this crowded cauldron
Sits a window.
Slowly unfolding her true name.
And a spellbound I is witness.
An intermittent occurrence by chance
The eternal enigma turning weightless.

From far off of this crowded cauldron
Sits a window.
Revealing her nostalgic wings
Inside a shape-shifting door.
As if the gatekeeper in distant
Will sing without no before.

From far off of this crowded cauldron
Sits a window.
A nonchalant seeker on knees
An everlasting breath in a dew.
An angel rings the surreal bell and
The bird called Déjà vu.

02 August 2011

No eden garden die

The fourteenth zodiac new
Turning into Dracula dew
For an unseen select few
In a kaleidoscope view.

The circle speaks in huge neon
‘Destined-to-Center carry on’
To a desolate million
And blows itself into oblivion.

Some pseudo souls fall and faint
Mindful of red knees go bent
And the scent of enlightenment
Pours profound enchantment.

Masters slaves sick and shy
Aint let no eden garden die
Look the black center in the eye
Say you love me even if you lie.

Ye’all nifty shabby thick and lean
You know what I mean
Look consciousness is so keen
O my surrender is no sin.

The fourteenth zodiac new
Turning into Dracula dew
For an unseen select few

in a kaleidoscope view.

Kill the big broke stalker

Whoever has a face
Be it cold or bold.
Will stand it like blindfold.
Then why are you
Waiting to be told
Not your birthright to be sold.
When you can kill the
Big broke stalker like
Ghost town toy soldiers
Before you get bought and sold
In this slave market
Like silver bronze and gold.

Whatever says hi
Will say bye to you.
You don’t have none to sue.
Then why are you
Standing in the queue
As in bite me a few.
When you can face
Your silent hell like
Give me light give me light.
Before you get eaten by the view
Of monster organ market
As if it was nothing new.

Whenever the blue bird
Guides you to destination
There is one vampire temptation.
Then why are you
Bound by ego circulation
To multiple dimension.
When you can save the soul
On a dreamy Sabbath afternoon
And watch sunrise in the sin city.
Before one final objection
Disappear behind a plastic face
In the field of no gravitation.

The door to formless

The door to formless
Drifting in the precarious
Wind of the present.
Without a roadmap the gate-keeper
Of the shape-shifting door to
Immortality is going to receive me
With the sound of surreal bell and
The esoteric bird called déjà vu.
And me lookin’ out the fourth horizon.
My love and my eyes are one.