02 August 2011

Kill the big broke stalker

Whoever has a face
Be it cold or bold.
Will stand it like blindfold.
Then why are you
Waiting to be told
Not your birthright to be sold.
When you can kill the
Big broke stalker like
Ghost town toy soldiers
Before you get bought and sold
In this slave market
Like silver bronze and gold.

Whatever says hi
Will say bye to you.
You don’t have none to sue.
Then why are you
Standing in the queue
As in bite me a few.
When you can face
Your silent hell like
Give me light give me light.
Before you get eaten by the view
Of monster organ market
As if it was nothing new.

Whenever the blue bird
Guides you to destination
There is one vampire temptation.
Then why are you
Bound by ego circulation
To multiple dimension.
When you can save the soul
On a dreamy Sabbath afternoon
And watch sunrise in the sin city.
Before one final objection
Disappear behind a plastic face
In the field of no gravitation.


  1. Ashish Das, this poem reminds me of the poem written by Paul Dunbar "I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings." Your poem tells the history of African Americans slaves for me. I was moved!

  2. Hi Salima Masud, thank you so much for your kind words. yeah in fact this was my view of collective human condition so to speak. I'm very glad that you could relate to it. My best wishes to you!