28 June 2012

Altogether black light

For so long she’s used to the reflection on the mirror with a black glass of her dressing table that she started thinking a dressing table mirror comes with a black glass only.
There was so much black in the room that even open windows looked shut.
Skins walls floors beds everything was black except the eyes.
Altogether black light.

For so long the lighthouse had no visitors that it almost started looking black including the light.
For so long she had not seen her nakedness on a mirror that she almost forgotten her body forms.
All she could do was imagine light and long for it on her trembling thirsty lips.
And she knew it all through.
The black is just a dot surrounded by white.

She knew it all through.
This outer blackness is nothing but just a dot in her white bright eyes.
I’m on my way to meet her.

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