29 July 2012

I want my soul city back

Conversation between two monkeys chained inside a broken box with singular small window that looks out a violet river sitting a spectacular soul city of incredible wall graffiti, touching words and never-ending love and warmth:

Red monkey: It’s not funny I thought it was most tempting.
Black monkey: Are we chained for life or what?
Red monkey: Yes we are bound forever and can never be in that soul city anymore.
Black monkey: Is it all because of that peanut we ate?
Red monkey: Don’t forget the gatekeeper warned us beforehand.
Black monkey: But then whoever thought a peanut was forbidden?
Red monkey: It’s peanut from outside but diamond from inside.
Black monkey: Should I agree with you?
Red monkey: You’re late now enjoy the life in bondage.

Black monkey: I want my soul city back.

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