04 August 2011

Million apples in Eden

The troll who sold fake ‘Roadmap to heaven’
The tart who turned her master’s toy even,
The reluctant libertine who posed as a godman
And a despi damsel another fallen angel,
The fat master’s deprived soul unbridles
And pounces peach-n-cream’s tempting wiggles.
The twisted tummy spoon-eater impotent tycoon
And the booty-lover buck-dancer will swoon.
All tactile helpless seekers of forbidden nut
Flock to The black tavern of dripping blood.

Gatekeeper’s ghost voice down the generation
Ye’all my suckers for illusionary levitation
Go swim the ecstasy of head penetration.
As the master’s deep welcome promised paradise
And made all there to crawl and crave
The Burning Fruit of The Garden of Eden
That rose from inside Lucifer’s grave.
And in this primordial house of lust, hundred doors
Like Chinese boxes set in non-liner force,
Open up to swallow all servants of senses
And the lust-worshipers look beyond fences.

All hungry eyes in the middle of sea-storm.
No doubt me loves that inside-out form,
As much iaam-fallenangel-spankme
Longed those long nights for a free dom.
You the million dollar mask-master,
So stop trembling and tell me why after
You pour ambrosia on thousand D-like toys
And they turn fireflies bouncing up and down
To devour the blood of red swinging town,
And thousand vampire souls in glory holes
Kiss the protruding bone through black gown,
And when you made the toys shed tears
The fireballs turned back into million apples in Eden
For those few losers of fears!

Pilgrims entering the journey are so prone
To the tantalizing drinks of blood and bone.
Thirsty pole-dancing tunes of hemoglobin
Shape-shifting into countless inglorious flames
Which can even kill all mortal cyclone.
The red moon emerging from this whirlwind
As in a witness to this extraterrestrial greed,
And the sobbing walls resonate a million plead,
Lets love this black tavern till we bleed.
Lets love till we bleed.


  1. Such a wonderful abstract poem, love it! Great words paint a crazy picture in my mind!

  2. Hi and thanks my dear Buddha for the nice and kind words! i'm glad you love it, yeah may be it that's because i'm an artist as well.. images.. scenes..words.. my best to you.. loves!