04 August 2011

The lighthouse seer

Cradle of temptation like a monster tongue
Twirls tender autumn off the lighthouse
From where it once looked afternoon deer
In the reflection of a mind
Hibernated by both sulky and seeker.

Phantom of opera toy-tricks behind the red curtain
As million optimistic penetrations flash-dance
Around a global titanic prism
And billion pieces of human bone and flesh
Quiver and shudder in spasmodic trance.

Sullen evening at Everlasting Lust Door
Sips organic delirium from under morphed images
And the deprived souls set out to lurk after
When the fallen angels in graveyard garden
Swayed frantically with a wolf and guitar.

Unbridled convulsion of revenant ghost heart
Shape sifting in the hollow background mirror
The dark fangs of temptation sinks until bottom
This last once the cradle breaks apart in a tear
Autumn and i sail back into the lighthouse seer.

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