08 August 2011

Tonight will never come again

Mr Ex Push behind a bush
Shakes Mr Banmohan Ping
And have cow juice
In a position compromising.

Maiswariya Bai is leaving bollywood
For a nitem number
She will join vollywood
And nippie dance with a plumber.

Dead Dosama Mean Fadin
Still force impregnates goats and sing
Iaam very very keen
I wanna be dustbin king.

Breadney Steers the choosycat doll
Siddle past cab driver dates
Pull down her tongue pants
And hook Mr Ball Gates.

Listen ye'all racist troll and terrorist booker
Porcupine politician and glory hole dealer

Look the cup is broken and the sin is spilled
How long will you bear it in the grave.

Look there is another sky full of angels

Tonight will never come again
Hold on to the captain of light, surrender
Surrender and leave the messy room forever.

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